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Viridian Tears

Viridian Tears by Rachel Green


Everyone is dying for treasure.

The builder, benefactor and mayor of Laverstone is found floating in the canal and becomes the first prominent customer of a new business he personally championed, the New Eden Cryotorium. His distraught young widow seeks the counsel of a spiritualist to contact her husband and discovers he left behind missing treasure. Meanwhile, Meinwen Jones, village witch and professional meddler, ends up helping the cryotorium owner find her missing backhoe. The search leads to mystery after mystery and more murders.

Mechanic Winston Campbell thinks Meinwen is a perfect match for him. Both are alone and in need of someone to hold. He soon realizes a relationship with the village witch is a lot more complicated than he thought.

Only Meinwen holds the key linking the seemingly separate mysteries, but will she solve them before more there are more deaths? Will she find love along the way?

CONTENT WARNING: Graphic m/f sex and descriptions of human body disposal 

Pennard Castle

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