Sunday 3 March 2024

3rd March 2024


thumb wars

except played with teeth

dog's laughter

© Rachel Green March 2024

I had a photo

of my Nana and Da;

a four by four inch print

from an old Kodak camera.

It was displayed in an acrylic cube

along with a stegosaurus I took in the British Museum

and my childhood dog wearing a leather jacket.

What were the other three pictures?

Though they were important

to the ten-year-old me

I have no memory of them

but the sound of a tennis ball,

in the brick backyard of my Nana's,

is as clear as a bell

© Rachel Green March 2024

Saturday 2 March 2024

2nd March 2024


spring downpour

over a toy giraffe


© Rachel Green March 2024

the bruise below my eye

was from your glancing blow

and tumble, as we fell.

It pains me less than other woes:

winter's hand upon my chest

the burn from distilled vinegar,

the weeping pustules on my breast

and yet, 'tis this glancing blow

that others see, and comment

that I should be free

of this and yet I smile

and tell them I consent.

© Rachel Green March 2024

Friday 1 March 2024

1st March 2024


early sunshine

occluded by rainclouds

preferable to snow

© Rachel Green March 2024

my glass shall not convince me I am old

for yet I practice self-defence and still

am to be feared despite my oftimes cold

and likeness to succumb to many ills.

For though my hair is fairer than my youth

when mighty flames were halo round my face

it still contains a hint of inner truth

that I have not yet run a final race.

My stomach may be larger than I like

yet still to trees of oak I can aspire

and if I struggle on the Pennine hike

I have no inclination to retire.

And though I envy youth's agility

I deny the onset of senility.

© Rachel Green March 2024

*first line from Shakespeare's sonnet 22

Thursday 29 February 2024

29th February 2024


miniature daffodils

flowering on prayers and rain

neighbours rubbish pile

© Rachel Green February 2024

I don't give a monkey's

about what you think;

your sarcastic, shouted "thank you"

when I didn't acknowledge your stopping

to let me complete a three-point turn

in a residential street you were using as a racetrack.

What did you expect?

that I should get out a genuflect?

or kiss the tyres and your go-fast stripe?

Oh, Lord, bless this man

who does sixty in a thirty zone

while passing two schools and a speed bump,

for he is the Very Best of drivers

and hasn't hit a child for weeks.

© Rachel Green February 2024

Wednesday 28 February 2024

28th February 2024


dim and dreary

in the woods at seven AM

church bells

© Rachel Green February 2024

will there be a bus pass

when I'm sixty-five

or seventy? Eighty if the Tories

are still in power

and need the money for private security

because they offend everybody.

Will there still be busses?

Or will falling usage cut services

in everywhere but London?

The local kids have vandalised the shelter again

so now the ladies shelter with umbrellas

and talk about the youth of today.

© Rachel Green February 2024

Tuesday 27 February 2024

27th February 2024


cold wind

driving the grey clouds

sheep dog

© Rachel Green February 2024

Martins the Newsagent

in Market Square, Redditch

caught me stealing a magazine

full of naked women.

I was thirteen at the time

and the police were called;

let me go with a caution

after visiting my parents.

Mum was furious, ashamed;

(what would the neighbours think?)

and forbade me to tell my best friend

to minimise the local stigma.

She didn't know it had been a dare

proposed by said best friend

and I kept the secret for fifty years.

Please don't tell her now.

© Rachel Green February 2024

Monday 26 February 2024

26th February 2024


early sun

pounding over the frost

excited dog

© Rachel Green February 2024

My cousin Michael

introduced me to Captain Beefheart

and Punishment of Luxury

while smoking weed in the back room

of his Romanian father-in-law.

Growing grapes in Ryker was a first

and his day job of fixing rental TVs

left him plenty of time to relax.

He loved his boys and his wife

and most of all, his heroin.

His sister Mary

introduced me to heavy drinking

and all the best bars in Newcastle

and what it means to be a woman

in a male-dominated society.

© Rachel Green February 2024