Saturday, 17 July 2010

An Ungodly Child, Second Edition

This is due to be re-released and I need a proofreader to spot mistakes and typos in the first edition. Is anyone up to the task of reading it with a red pen in hand? I can't pay much, except perhaps for a painting or drawing or a signed copy of something I've written.

Note: This is for typos and/or printer's errors only. I can't actually re-write it altogether.


Satia said...

I'm here and capable. Email me

satia62 at gmail dot com

If you prefer someone closer to home, I understand.

BT said...

Jim would do it for you if Satia 'falls through'.

Anonymous said...

Would love to do it Rachel. I like to think I can spot a typo at a hundred yards - and I have to admit to spotting a few in the first edition. Family rates apply of course - a big round O

Leatherdykeuk said...

That would be fantastic, Jim! Thank you!

Shall I send a fresh copy with DK when she comes over?