Tuesday, 29 December 2015

flint church
full of shadows
and whispers from locals
about the visitor in town.
Black skin.

© Rachel Green 2015

lazy crow
bare-branch scolding
warm feathers

© Rachel Green 2015

let's not talk
let's just lie here
touching in silence
You are so beautiful
but I hate your accent

© Rachel Green 2015

do you ever wonder
if vertical contrails
are nuclear warheads
and  two white lines
against a blue winter sky
is the last thing you'll see?

No? Just me, then.

© Rachel Green 2015

She breaks a nail. He laughs.

© Rachel Green 2015


Bragi Stringbreaker said...

Yes love, just you. I've thought maybe a cloud giant was sailing on the sky when he thought to dip two fingers in the water to cool them off, leaving a disruption in the atmosphere... but never nukes :p

Rachel Green said...

Ah, thanks, Ron. You're the optimist between us, then :) Love you, old bean.