Sunday, 31 January 2016

daily 30th January 2016

isthmus [is-muh s] noun, plural isthmuses, isthmi [is-mahy]
1. a narrow strip of land, bordered on both sides by water, connecting two larger bodies of land.
2. Anatomy, Zoology. a connecting, usually narrow, part, organ, or passage, especially when joining structures or cavities larger than itself.
3. Ichthyology. the narrow fleshy area between the sides of the lower jaw of a fish.

Tibby Shiels Inn
an hotel on an isthmus
wish I'd been single

Facebook Haiku

January 30: Yukon

online friend
sends pictures of the Yukon.
I'll never visit

for NaHaiWriMo

Something that made me smile today:

sunshine in the window, rainbows in the room.

stuff done.

plastering at Liane's
no writing

Written today:

poem -
Gilded Cage (6)

You've been reading Of Literary Bent. I thank you.

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