Saturday, 9 January 2016

Daily 9th January 2016

offing [aw-fing, of-ing] noun
1. the more distant part of the sea seen from the shore, beyond the anchoring ground.
2. a position at a distance from shore.
3. in the offing,
    at a distance but within sight.
    in the projected future; likely to happen:
    A wedding is in the offing.

book deal in the offing
I'll believe it when it happens
/sceptical me

2016-01-09 11.21.51
Facebook Haiku

Jan 9th: Yam

uneaten yams
in the compost bin
frantic activity

for    NaHaiWriMo

Something that made me smile today:

THIS SITE  has pirate copies of my books. In paperback. Even the ones that have never been in paperback. I suspect Print-On-Demand and have ordered a paperback 'Sons of Angels' to see the quality. Not as cheap as if I'd produced them on Lulu, but not too bad. I should complain but... I don't get payments from the genuine publisher, either, and I'm just happy people want to read my books. It might encourage them to read AUC or LfS.

Mostly bummed about today. Black dog and all that (though I did buy a book about depression). Not done very much at all. Tomorrow will be busy, so next week is buckle down and get GC written.

THIS is fabulous. I've lost hours in there.

Netflix secrets

Written today:

poem - 009
Gilded Cage ()

You've been reading Of Literary Bent. I thank you.

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