Saturday, 20 February 2016

daily 19th February 2016

cosmology [koz-mol-uh-jee] noun
1. the branch of philosophy dealing with the origin and general structure of the universe, with its parts, elements, and laws, and especially with such of its characteristics as space, time, causality, and freedom.
2. the branch of astronomy that deals with the general structure and evolution of the universe.

scowling at demons
as they laugh at her notion
of cosmology

early trip to doctor's.
I either had a TIA? or a incident of Bell's palsy. We'll find out which with a blood test and a trip to the stroke clinic. Bottom line is I'm old and overweight so get my books while I'm still writing. Support me by buying my books and clamouring for HBO to televise Harold and Jasfoup.

Facebook Haiku

February 19 writing prompt: ZIRCONIUM

fantastic voyage
in a zirconium submarine
pesky white cells

for NaHaiWriMo


Something that made me smile today:

Still being alive

DK and Lu very protective of me.

old wallpaper; The Fine Art and Craft of 1960s Wallpaper Manufacturing | Colossal

This Year's Best Press Photos Are Absolutely Electrifying

Fine Art Photography With Internal Organs

You've been reading Of Literary Bent. I thank you.


Stephanie Wright said...

M. Root had an episode of Bell's Palsy while we were together. It lasted several weeks and then just went away. As awful as that was, I hope BP for you and not stroke. *hugs* Sending every good wish I have, every everything. I do love you, woman.

Rachel Green said...

Thak you, though the other symptoms suggest a TIA. Love you, too.