Wednesday, 3 February 2016

daily 2nd February 2016

aeromancy [air-uh-man-see] noun
1. the prediction of future events from observation of weather conditions.

cirrus cats and dogs
my aeromancy wizard
predicts heavy rain

Facebook Haiku

February 2 writing prompt: ZAZEN

silent room
contemplating flight algorithms
lazy bluebottle

for NaHaiWriMo

Happy Imbolc :)

Something that made me smile today:

Finished 'Gilded Cage' (message if you want to beta it) at 32K. It could easily have been a novel.

10 Rare Historical Photos That You Might Not Have Seen

Written today:

poem -
Gilded Cage (3500)

You've been reading Of Literary Bent. I thank you.

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