Friday, 12 February 2016

Poem 2016 / 024

Moon Pie

Let me find the secrets
hidden in the folds of your skin,
the buttercup pollen along the line of your scapula
and the faded daist petals
in the shallow cave of your ankle bone.
A lake of tears in the suprasternal hollow
brushed by the line of red snail trail
left as my lips immerse in salt.
A single wiry hair pokes proud
from your areola. You catch a breath
as I grasp it between my teeth and pull.
Your nipple hardens, the skin around it puckering
a princess waiting for the frog's embrace.
The sweet scent of you released with folded knees
corded muscle down the back of your legs
rope-created caverns as I lick the sweat
from the backs of your knees
and in the darkness
the strength of your fingers gripping my hair
pulling, pulling me upwards to the tidal cavern,
to drink from the chalice of life.
Put away your resurrection fantasies
for I have found the Grail.


Stephanie Wright said...

That's utterly fabulous. Best in show. Wow.

Thank you for sharing this gift.

Rachel Green said...

you honour me too much :)

Thanks, though!