Thursday, 31 March 2016

short forms 31st March 2016

left for hoping
the indecision of
a parent wanting the best for
his kid

© Rachel Green 2016

frosty morning
waiting for a taxi
the vapour cloud as she smiles

© Rachel Green 2016

three dogs
all scratching
we spot fleas
Luckily I have treatment
already purchased.

© Rachel Green 2016

swapping a door
from opening right
to left

not too difficult
and I get it spot-on
first time

warped frame

© Rachel Green 2016

she suffers bad dreams. Shower scrubs.

© Rachel Green 2016


Rose said...

Lovely smile :) I read all your short forms on my reader you are awesome Rachel :) You seem to find time for everything and diy projects! Fabulous lady :)

Rachel Green said...

Thank you, Rose. Alas, heath has kicked my bum of late, and I'm not doing nearly as much as I used to!