Sunday, 3 April 2016

April Poems 2016/03

Switching Protocols

You asked me where,
I kept the love you gave me
in my head or heart
or the little keepsake box
the came from Whitley Bay.
My pursed lips should have given you a clue.

What will my family say
when you don't turn up
for the holiday we booked together?
My mom really liked you, you know,
the first girlfriend she wanted me to keep.
She snapchatted our faces together
to see what her grandkids would look like.
I shook my head.
See this field where I grow my cares?

You try to kiss me,
to rekindle the desire
that once had me travelling a hundred miles
to spend an hour with you.
You tried to stroke my arm, touch my cheek
but I moved away.

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