Thursday, 28 April 2016

April Poems 2016/28

Important Business

She says goodbye to the shopkeeper
walks outside into the sunlight
pauses at the litter bin
to scratch the silver from a lottery card.
She throws it in the bin, continues.

At the corner of the chip shop
she scratches off her second card,
hunched over like a beggar with a cigarette.
You can tell by her face she's won nothing.
She stuffs it in her pocket, moves on.

At the end of the gennel, number three;
the flash of sunlight from her 10p coin
as she chooses which windows
which three chances to win.
Frustrated, she scratches the rest off,
relieved the card wasn't a winner at all.

Outside her front door
she rests on the dustbin lid,
scratches off her fourth and final.
The smile on her face as she wins a fiver
not enough to escape the drudgery
but enough for another card.

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