Friday, 22 July 2016



The cat was desiccated, though still intact if one didn't count the gaping eye sockets of the mouth opened in what could only be a scream. Jack used a cold chisel to lever away another couple of bricks, then snaked an arm in to lift out the creature.

“Bloody hell,” he said, keeping it at arms length as he twisted the long tail out of the hole. “How long's that been there, I wonder.”

Jepherson shone a torch into the hole. “Since the wall was built, I reckon. There's only just room for it in here. It's not found its way in afterwards and got stuck.”

“You mean it was bricked up in there? On purpose?” Jack kicked his daily newspaper flat and put the creature on it. “Reckon the boss will want to see it.”

“Reckon he won't.” Jepherson nodded at the wall. “This is fifteenth century, if not older. It makes the whole excavation a site of historical interest, and the walled-up cat will make it headlining news. The new supermarket will go on hold along with our jobs.”

“Right.” Jack nodded and picked up his sledgehammer. “Best we never saw nothing, ey?”

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