Friday, 29 July 2016

Poem 2016 / 073

Cannot Unsee

A headscarf, white
with tassels that dip into the tin
of Dulux Bathroom Emulsion.
A white tee-shirt from a gym
I used to attend (before the class stopped)
with 'Trust Your Instincts'
on 96 point Times New Roman on the back.
And my knickers. No pants, no socks
just the surprisingly hairy muscalature
on my fifty year pins and bare feet.
Painting the ceiling is a messy business--
drips of paint rain down
but are easily wiped from bath and floor
(less so, my hair, as I found out yesterday).
I wash the brush in the kitchen sink,
warning Lu of an unpleasant spectacle
should she dare open the office door.

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