Saturday, 23 July 2016

Poem 2016/068

Not Looking

Bad dreams leave her breathless
bathed in sweat. The sheet
rucked up beneath her. Her fear
of abandonment rises,
bile in the throat of expectation.
Moving out (again).
Where would she go
and with whom? (all her friends
are their friends and thus,
not hers to retain).
At least she has a dog
and a sleeping bag to keep warm
amongst the spike infested doorways
of Theresa May's New England.

© Rachel Green 2016

Image: Huddled in Fear 2016 oil on canvas board 89mm x 63mm  £35 inc. P&P


Stephanie Wright said...

Oh, but you've captured this so well I cried.

Rachel Green said...

Thank you. The wave of right-wing neo facism all over the world terrifies me.