Sunday, 31 July 2016

Poetry 2015 / 075

Cronen Ground

Bittel reservoir
a hefty walk from home
especially for an art student
armed with a sketchbook and camera
(35mm SLR; monochrome film)
and two dogs, one past her sell-by date
the other overweight and grumbling.
The poetry of a twenty-something:
haibun, perhaps, though little did I know it.
Short poetry with brief sketches
the hills, the forest;
the desperate clutch of a rusting tractor
to the muddy riverbank of its demise.
In love with Lewty (his artwork, anyway)
I invented words; neologisms
for introspective emotions .
Mesi, Endrago, Ootpa.
The lichgate of St Bartholomew's
a sheltered haven beneath the lowering skies
where thunderclouds of Judgement
bear down upon an Unbeliever.

Image: Bittel Reservoir 2015 10 cm x 14cm Graphite on watercolour paper.  £30 inc P&P


Stephanie Wright said...

"though little did I know it" Heh. Me. :)

And oh the final couplet.

This is so lovely, Rachel.

Rachel Green said...

Thank you kindly :)

aims said...

Reading this I felt like I took the hike with you. Me grumbling and gasping - you taking pics and thinking. We then hunkered down in St Bartholomew's together....comfy and a bit damp but satisfied. Lovely indeed.

Rachel Green said...

Thanks, Aims. It would have been nice to have company :)