Thursday, 28 July 2016

Poetry 2016 / 72


I cannot help but praise Fluoxetine,
despite my nightly terrors, for
where was I without them? A puddle
of neuroses and depression. And what
would I become without Thyroxine?
More overweight, immobile, subject
to a heart attack (I had a scan
yesterday and heard the blood swirling)
and the ramipril to keep the blood
at an operating pressure, rather than blow
my arteries like classroom condoms.
My estrogen tablets keep the hair
from crowding my upper lip, my
internal pleasures lubricated; Lipitor
and Clopidogrel last thing at night
to calm away the threat of stroke
(again). Stress I could do without.

Image: Flying Unicorn 2015 12" x 8" Watercolour on book page. Framed.  £40 inc P&P


aims said...

Oh my friend - I hear you! Keep roaring for all of us out here in similar boats - but don't stress about it! :0)

Rachel Green said...

Thanks, Aims. I can't help the stress!