Wednesday, 27 July 2016

short forms 27th July 2016

a ghost
in her gran's room
seems to be terrified
as if all the demons of Hell
were there

© Rachel Green 2016

through the open window
curious wasp

© Rachel Green 2016

watches me eat
Breakfast buddy.
The occasional paw
for the leftover milk

© Rachel Green 2016

heart scan today
four o'clock

The other night
a series of palpitations
kept me awake.

Bad dreams

© Rachel Green 2016

Sleeptime horror movies. She's the star.

© Rachel Green 2016


aims said...

Be well - okay?

Stress - does stressing about it help at all? ;0) Never has for me - just wish I knew how to not do it. I expect you do too.

Again. Be well - okay??

Rachel Green said...

Thank you.

I don't consciously stress about things, it just happens.