Thursday, 18 August 2016

poem 2016 / 089

Tuesday, 11:17 AM

There is just moment –
this one now, between the groan
of the tumble drier and the whine
of hedge trimmers
from the open window.

Breath it, savour it. Let it fill
your heart as air fills your lungs
and the scent of sweat
soaking into cotton sheets
anchors you to the now;
to the memory of my lips on the arch
of your foot
and the rasp on my hands on your ankle.

Remember the moment,
the buzz of a wasp battering the window;
the barks of a distant dog,
the call of a neighbour to a passer-by.

The moment passes.
A bus clatters by, filling the air with hot diesel
and disappointment. Someone shoves
a leaflet through the letterbox and your dog barks
and I am gone;
a twist of the light on birch tree shadows
and the hard knot of my love in your throat.


Lu LeatherEagle said...

Very sensual. Xxx I like it

Lu LeatherEagle said...

Very sensual. Xxx I like it

Rachel Green said...

Thanks, Lu. I didn't know you still read these. xx

DK said... of course we do!

Rachel Green said...

thank you!

Stephanie Wright said...

This is divine. Completely. You put me to shame (clearly and in more ways than one!).

So, I'm coming at this whole thing from the wrong perspective then... Hmm (as I sit to write another)...

Rachel Green said...

You are too kind. You are the better poet by far. I'm touched that you think me anywhere close.

aims said...

Wow. Simply Wow.

'filling the air with hot diesel and disappointment.'

Only you can write like this and make my heart stand still.

Rachel Green said...

Thank you. Sometimes I think the demons write through me.