Thursday, 4 August 2016

poetry 2016 / 079

Resisting the Pull

Identical bags of museli
in green and blue – same brand
same price. I wonder
the difference. Is one light?
The lady next to me, face round
as a cabbage and hair like wheat
informs me one has coconut flakes
and the other is edible.
She tells me a tale
where she bought the wrong one,
spent hours picking out the white slivers
and gave them to her grandson
(who never suspected such duplicity).
I thank her, take the one
she doesn't like and later,
in the queue for the cashier,
when my trolley is stuffed with milk and fruit
salad vegetables and haloumi;
bottles of sparkling water
and enough toilet rolls to grind
the flesh from the bone,
I let her go in front of me.
“Thanks, love,” her cemetery smile
encompasses the world,
“I was lost in beer selection.”

© Rachel Green 2016

Image: Ungodly 2016 by Rachel Green. oil on canvas board 89mm x 63mm  £35 free postage


Bragi Stringbreaker said...

Love it. Cabbage people :)

Rachel Green said...

good job I like cabbage :)