Saturday, 6 August 2016

Poetry 2016 / 81

Scalpel Baton

Spider's webs
clustered around the corners,
the ridges between the panes of glass.
Once I grew plants here,
before the neighbour's trees
blotted out the sky and the brambles
threw ropes of thorn from one side to the other.
Green glass, occluded by moss and lichen,
shroud the tiny space within –
room for a work bench and a seat
bur not the space to stand back.
Once I had a studio
where oils danced under the light
of a cold Wolverhampton sky;
where water froze in the kettle
and fingers outside of mittens.
Painting by numbers. Embassey No 6;
Players No, 7, Lucky Threes.
What was so lucky about them?
I had a deckchair and an old novel
where I stared at paintings day after day.
Doctor Rat still provides my titles.

© Rachel Green 2016

Image: Red Chrysler / Black Crow 2016 by Rachel Green. oil on canvas 40" x 32"  £135 free postage


aims said...

You made me smile today. Loved the 'what was so lucky about them' line....

Rachel Green said...

Thanks, Aims :)