Monday, 5 September 2016


Tail to Mouth

Rarely late, but striving not to be early, Chloe arrived to find the party already in full swing. Relieved not to be the first (the awkward silence between host and first guest had terrified her since the first time in happened, at a mermaid party for a neighbour's fourth birthday) and also slightly miffed to have missed so much already, (what if someone had already copped off with Stevie Fields?) she bypassed the front door and nipped round the back, where she could slip into the kitchen unnoticed.

“Wotcha.” Lindsay gave her an upward nod, the cigarette in her mouth glowing brighter as she inhaled. “How long you been here?”

Chloe could hardly claim 'ages' when she still had her coat on, could she? “Ages.” She held up a four-pack of Bulmer's cherry cider. “Had to nip back out for some bevvies.”

“Cool.” Lindsay stubbed out the cigarette. “Gi's one.”

“Here.” Chloe tore a bottle from the cardboard covering and she peered through the kitchen door. “Who's the guy in the devil mask?”

“Dunno. He looks a bit old for this crowd. Maybe someone's brother?”

“Maybe.” Chloe took the bottle opener Lindsay handed her and popped open a cider. She leaned against the oven and studied the boy. He was muscled like a dancer and moved like an angel, his skin glistening as if oiled. If she stared at him enough, he might notice her and come over.

“You should dance with him.”

“Nah.” Chloe watched the way candlelight flowed over his pecs. “Not my type.”


Stephanie Wright said...

Oh, Chloe... Bless. (Though I'd do the same.)

"Rarely late, but striving not to be early" Story of my life (as well as the lad). J?

Rachel Green said...

Today's prompt "a character a bit like you" and yes. J.