Sunday, 4 September 2016

exercise. 1st Person POV

“There wasn't any homework."

“None?” I look at Lauren but she's scrolling through her phone and doesn't look up. “Not even English?” Mrs Maguire is notorious among the fifth year for giving more homework than it's actually possible to do without giving up telly altogether.

“Nah. She was away today. We had a relief teacher in. Miss Roony. She let us watch this old black and white film 'cause it was based on The Tempest.

“Really?” I wouldn't put it past Lauren to tell me there was no homework just to get me in shit but the whole thing about the student teacher making them watch Forbidden Planet was a bit past her ability to make up. “Would have been worth staying for that.”

“Nah. It was really boring.” She held up her phone. “Have you seen this vid of a kid trying to pull-start a vacuum cleaner?”

God! She's such an idiot sometimes. “Who moved your rock? That's years old.”

She huffed. “Well I hadn't seen it.”

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