Friday, 10 March 2017

poetry 2017 / 033

Big Mack

An article about Mack Beggs
brings more traffic to my wall
than anything I've posted.
A Texan trans boy,
forced to compete against the girls
in school district wrestling
because his birth certificate said 'girl.'

Of course he'd won.
Two years on testosterone saw to that
and everyone cried 'cheater'
without taking consideration
he'd asked to compete with other boys
and the State wouldn't let him.

Begrudging acceptance.
“It's not as if it was a transgirl in a girl's team.”
But what if it was?
Two years of hormones makes a lot of difference
and if you think someone would suffer
all that prejudice and hate,
let alone the mental anguish of being trans
just to win some poxy competition,
you're the one who needs their head examined,
not some poor trans kid
trying to do the sport they love.

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