Monday, 3 April 2017

poetry 2017 / 038

Not Today

You want to misgender me?
Call me 'Sir' because of my voice
or my Taxi Driver attitude,
Not today, buddy. Not today.

I've had it to here with your bullshit,
with your bathroom bills,
your Straight, White, Male privilege
and your outrage of transmen competing against girls
when you won't allow them to compete as men
(and you don't like transwomen competing at all.)

I've had it to here with your deportations,
your shiny new walls
and your segregation policies.
The hate crime committed in the name
of a new Clean White World
(except for Saudis because they invest)

I've had it to here with your shards,
your Towers, your five-star hotels,
your bright glass tributes to virility
and your Grecian 2000 comb-overs.

I've had it to here with your wage gap,
your women-should-stay-at-home;
your repeal of state funded care
and your whitewashing of Culture.

So next time you call me 'Sir'
remember I train martial arts
and lift weights with the poor boys
and can write more fluently
than the President of the Fucking USA.

Then maybe, just maybe,
you'll keep your fear and hatred to yourself
and just think
Not Today.

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