Monday, 17 April 2017

poetry 2017 / 066

For today’s prompt,write a dance poem. The poem can be about the process of dancing or just somehow incorporate or reference dancing in the poem. There are so many styles of dance out there and even more occasions for dancing: school dances, daddy-daughter dances, wedding dances, people who dance when they are happy, people who dance when they are sad, people who dance in large groups, and those who dance alone. And, of course, there are so who just won’t dance for anything.

Open Casket

She would have loved this,
dancing without repression,
the music loud and rhythmic
bass pounding and the air
hot and sticky with sweat.
Half-naked women,
shirtless men,latinesque beats
against a candlelit darkness;
whirling away the hour
until her coffin slides into the fire.

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