Saturday, 22 April 2017

poetry 2017 / 076

The Dog and the Walnut Tree

A monkey and a lion cub
were arguing one day
about the need for belly rubs
and whatever game to play.
“It's delightful in the shining sun”
said lion to the chimp
“Why don't we see who's fast to run?
And which of us will limp?”
“Better still,” replied the chimp,
“Why don't we climb a tree?
“Award a prize for dexterous imp
I bet you cant beat me.”
“A tree like this?” said little cub
and lifted up a stick.
“Don't be stupid, that's a stub,
“You're really rather thick.”
“Am I?” said the carnivore
and proceeded to explain.
“There really isn't nothing more
than delicious monkey brain.”
The moral of this loss of life
is really rather glum.
the thickest stick to beat a wife
has a general rule of thumb.

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