Monday, 24 April 2017

poetry 2017 / 079

For today’s prompt,write a faith poem. For some people, faith means religion. For others, faith means trusting in science and mathematics. Still others, think George Michael’s “Faith” just as some immediately conjure up Faith Hill. Regardless of where you put your faith (or don’t), today’s poem gives you an opportunity to express yourself.

Sticks and Stones

I'll never understand
the casual cruelty
with which you put me down.
Your voice is like a shard of glass
in a velvet glove.
The bruises on my legs will fade,
my arm will heal
but I'll never be the same
after those jibes.
They say that words can't hurt,
that they mean nothing 'less I let them
but they've never heard you say
how weak I am.
All that I have left is faith
you love me
and hope you will repent;
that perfect lie still beckons with
the taste of fear
another birth of pain and blood
and broken bones
but will you stay
and love me
or will panic still prevail
upon these empty rooms
and fears.
And will I cry
into a hollow void
or die a lonely death.
Please just stay.

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