Wednesday, 26 April 2017

poetry 2017 / 083

For today’s prompt, write a regret poem. Most people regret some action they’ve taken over the years, whether it’s saying the wrong thing, making the wrong choice, or putting off something for a tomorrow that never comes. Write about your own regrets, or the regrets of others


I wish I hadn't hurt you
I wish I hadn't let you down.
When you were trying to retain my love
I was hoping you'd reject it.
We didn't understand
We were both too young to say
for sure.
The taunting of the other boys
became too much--
I didn't want to be that way.
You were proud to be the person you were
but I could never be the same.
Perhaps we could be happy
if I hadn't been a coward.
I should have seen my self from your eyes
(at least the one you still retained.)
I still have that piece of art you gave to me
I'll never let it go again.
Wherever you go
a piece of me will follow –
a shadow of my past
desecrated ground will sprout again.

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