Saturday, 29 April 2017

poetry 2017 / 089

For today’s prompt, write a metric poem. Most of the world uses the metric system to measure things out; not so much in the States. But there are meters and liters, and the occasional millimeters. Also, poetry uses metrics (the study of meter in poetry). And metrics, in a general sense, can measure various things by a common denominator–even inches and/or teaspoons.

Travel Metrics

a photograph
of my long dead mother
faded into seventies amber
like the walls of my father's house.
Taken when I was...ten?
Sent off, processed, printed,
sent back by second class mail
(transport, weather and strikes permitting)
stuck in a album
left in a drawer until my father died,
stored in a cardboard box in my sister's cellar.
During a clearout
she scans it, emails it;
a packet of data sent by a path
calculated by router metrics
for path length, bandwidth, load and hop count,
path cost, delay, MTU, reliability and communications cost.
I receive it seconds later.

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