Tuesday, 11 April 2017

revision 2017 / 055(a)

Write a sonnet.

Meadow Fields, 1976

Nothing to do on a Saturday night
but hang in the park as the summer light fades
Mike's got a moustache that looks pretty tight;
passes for adult when wearing his shades.
Footballers setting out bottles for posts
Girls crash the ciggies while dishing the dirt
send catcalls to muscle bound boys as they boast
of their prowess in bed in lieu of a flirt.
The stoners lie down with the midges and grass
while players buy food from the shop on the green.
St. Lawrence's bells call the faithful to mass
The girls pull out mirrors and lippy to preen.
At the edge of the playing field, passing the time
a boy gives men blow jobs for barely a dime.

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