Tuesday, 30 January 2018

30th January 2018

recycling bins limned by sunlight
morning lorries

© Rachel Green 2018

plastic bags
dropped through the door
'please fill for charity'
at the rate of three, four a week.
Yes, I'm downsizing my possessions
but I can't do it that fast
and all you want
is cloth weight.
What about the books, the art,
the treasured teapot my aunt left in her will?
the Virgin Mary Lourdes water
and novelty Papal keyring?
Empty Marmite jars
and old devil glove puppets
Where will they be loved again.

© Rachel Green 2018


spacedlaw said...

Surely somebody is going though the landfills to give a new life to most of this?

Rachel Green said...

Mostly I try to donate everything.