Friday, 26 September 2008

Art to the Supermarket

Rob1nson's Cardboard packaging have a whole metal fence with these decorated pierced panels every third post. This one is either a small boy creating his very own black hole or creatively urinating.

This one illustrates boxes, in case we didn't know what packaging meant.

This one celebrates 100 years of trains in Chesterfield. See the crooked spire?

Paint peeling off this bollard brings it from the mundane to the arty.

I liked it, anyway.

This was random - a piece of thick wire thrown up a tree, but the spiral effect was most pleasing.


aims said...

At least they put a bit of thought into their fencing....very interesting.

spacedlaw said...

Nice spiral effect; it looks like some robotic vine has decided to invade our sphere and fell in love with a lamp post...