Thursday, 25 September 2008

Brick Outhouses, cats and dogs

These are the back alleys on the way to the park. Some lovely autumn foliage.

and what appears to be a birthday. I love these sheds built against the outer edge of the property. All the houses along here (all ex-council) had them.

I couldn't resist a photo of these two cats sunning themselves on top of the dustbins. They were a tad wary of my three dog, though.

The front of this house looked like an architectural scrapyard. I was tempted to see how much they wanted for those corrugated iron arches.

Real brick outhouses! Just like my grandparents had.

If someone said "he was built like a brick sh*thouse" this is what they meant. That's an old garage with metal concerting doors on the left, too.

See that gap in the wall?
Jack went after a squirrel in there. The trouble was, he was still attached to Trickster,
who was left dangling by the neck from the wall until I rescued her.


aims said...

Are you saying that they have outhouses still over there? No indoor plumbing? OMG! WHERE is it again that you live?!

Poor Trickster!

And yes - what a pile of stuff in front of that house and what's 'the council'?

I'm full of it today aren't I?

BT said...

Oh Rach, that really really made me lol at the thought of Trickster dangling from the wall!! Trust Jack.

Aha, what's 'The council'!! It's the local authority that looks after a certain area, in this case, Chesterfield. They handle the money, and have millions of departments for different things such as waste disposal, drains, roads, schools, etc etc. They usually waste a lot of money too!

There used to be huge estates of houses built and owned by the councils. Now many of them have been sold cheaply to the tenants, so now we have a huge shortage of council houses. Good old Mrs Thatcher has a lot to answer for.

I'll get off my soap box now!!