Saturday, 28 March 2009

Rainy market

Hugh and Lelani's:
A contemplative Buddah
and headless lady

Chesterfield market
very wet and overcast
We hurry past

Would this look suit me?
A coffee in cafe Nero
and then pootle home.


aims said...

Love the garden statues.

I think the look would be fabulous on you.

And rain while it snows. Lovely.

Dave King said...

I'd love the Buddha for my garden.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you both.

Aims - I may see if I can pass myself off as an English Gentleman.

Gail said...

The lady is my favorite piece.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Gail - mine too!

spacedlaw said...

I think it would. Not very practical to walk the dogs across grassland, but very dashing.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you! I shall be the eccentric Englishwoman!

aims said...

My dear friend - You'd be an absolutely gorgeous English Gentleman or eccentric Englishwoman.

I can see you in that outfit no problem. But make sure a small pair of earings and a sublte necklace go with it

Leatherdykeuk said...

Ah! Good call, Aims.

BT said...

Rachel, you would look stunning in that outfit, jauntily perched hat and dashing jacket. Of course I've seen the Buddha and love the headless lady. I used to have a headless 3 fishes statue at Cliffeside!

stephanie said...

Mmm, love the headless lady, coffee, and suit. Love them all actually. Fab photos.

Leatherdykeuk said...

There's something fabulous about distressed sculpture.