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DK's Tarot Readings -
YULE GIFTS! If you wish to purchase a TAROT READING as GIFT for someone else (or yourself!) then for ONE WEEK only you can do so for the special Christmas discount price of £20 (full 10 card Celtic Cross). Contact DK asap for details! Obviously at this price and time DK will only have room for a limited number of bookings! In person or via email, message DK for full details!

DK is very, very good. I've never seen anyone more accurate.


10-12-2011 cemetery (1)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hand-painted gift tags

lots of little watercolour Jasfoups

Wednesday, 7 December 2011



Between me being ill (fine now, thank you), returning to a basic Flickr account and the downturn of the weather I've not been taking many photographs recently. Posts here will be more sporadic than usual.

Jack's had to start wearing a coat. His fur is a couple of sizes too big for him now and he feels the cold.

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I'm here tonight:

Reading a draft of a 15-minute dialogue

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