Thursday, 14 January 2016

Daily Poem 2016 / 014



Self Portrait at 7:00 AM

Light on, eyes focused

my naked body in the mirror

in the few seconds before the shower

steams up the glass.

My hair, more traces of silver every day,

ratty from sleep. I should have bound it

while I slept the hours away.

My eyes, lighter than I remember,

encased in puffy flesh like two blueberries

in a sackful of croissants

and my huge nose and thin lips

I am at least thankful for the lack

of (visible) facial hair. All could be worse

and further down it is. My breasts still high and firm,

the benefit of smallness though one nipple

remains permanently adolescent.

My belly hangs lower than it used to but

entirely my own fault. Too much food. Too much tea.

Certainly not enough exercise.

My hips are still narrow and boyish

my bum tight as a drum and my legs

are still muscled pistons from all the walking.

Maybe tomorrow I'll do better.

Maybe tomorrow.


© Rachel Green 2016

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