Wednesday, 17 February 2016

short forms 17th February 2016

to red curtains
her last view of her mom
as the coffin is rolled away.

© Rachel Green 2016

hanging limply from bare branches
plastic bags

© Rachel Green 2016

more in the gums
than the teeth
a product of the cold
since the ache moves

© Rachel Green 2016

ticking clock
the whine of the washing machine
spin cycle

computer hum
the cooling radiator

morning sounds

© Rachel Green 2016

Frustration. "Fuck" becomes a spoken comma.

© Rachel Green 2016


Rose said...

Wow Rachel you have set yourself a task, I enjoy your journal of short forms! I wish I had the talent to be so dedicated. Haha, I use too many commas myself :)

Rachel Green said...

I've been doing these every day for ten years, though only recently started cross posting the blogger