Tuesday, 23 February 2016

short forms 23rd February 2016

a boy
walks on his own
in the cemetery.
She wonders what he thinks about.
the dead?

© Rachel Green 2016

distant dog
calls for companionship
twilight barking

© Rachel Green 2016

a friend edits
an old novella
'The boy who couldn't lie'
I'm almost afraid to look
at the new critique

© Rachel Green 2016

head pressure
fells like a tidal wave
in my temples

a bout of tinnitus
but at low frequency
enterprise hum

take another aspirin

© Rachel Green 2016

The tap water tastes foul. Arsenic.

© Rachel Green 2016


Stephanie Wright said...

"The dead?" Or a new love? The young are so irreverent.

Please feel better. *hugs*

Rachel Green said...

fickle teens!

I'm doing my best!