Wednesday, 24 February 2016

short forms 24th February 2016

a new
freezer buddy
for her deceased father
the family dog, run over.

© Rachel Green 2016

heating vent
proto-clouds climb to the blue
melting frost

© Rachel Green 2016

woken early
by the dog crying
paws on the bed
by the time I've showered
she's asleep again

© Rachel Green 2016

to phone the doctor
blood tests
I'm becoming a hostage
to old age

no news is good news

© Rachel Green 2016

Aspirin. 300 milligrams. Thin the blood.

© Rachel Green 2016


Stephanie Wright said...

Poor Trickster. :(

Did you phone them back? (I'm always afraid, too.)

Lovely haiku.

Rachel Green said...

No, I haven't yet. I'm such a scaredy-cat.