Tuesday, 1 March 2016

short forms 1st March 2016

she takes the blame
rather than have the head
phone her father to make complaints.

© Rachel Green 2016

steady rain
blowing down the road
plastic sheets

© Rachel Green 2016

phantom toothache
moves from left to right
upper jaw
I just hope it's not a precursor
another TIA?

© Rachel Green 2016

good intentions
battle with lethargy
and depression

I want to start writing
but the apathy
is underwhelming

maybe tomorrow

© Rachel Green 2016

looking after the invalid. Head pressure.

© Rachel Green 2016


Stephanie Wright said...

"but the apathy
is underwhelming"

Yes. The same here. I keep thinking I'll go back to Mosaic or the sequel to Angels Wept, but then, no.

Rachel Green said...

My cinquains are all Chloe!