Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Tao of Tea

The Tao of Tea

A porcelain mug with cats printed
against a red background. Meow.
Meow printed in funky letters. Only
English-language cats say meow.

It holds tea. Three-quarters empty
with brown rings on the inside
denoting the volume of each previous swallow.
The delicacy of tannin.

It used to hold coffee,
back when I worked for the DSS
before it became the Benefits Agency
and I had my breakdown.

I didn't use it for years
fearful of the associations it brought;
of the mind-numbing terror
visited on me by other staff.

Now it holds my tea
and while I remember the fear
it holds a little less power now;
less than the pull of tea.


Stephanie Wright said...

I love this. There is so much power in reclaiming power, even just a touch of it. Tea is power, too.

Reading so much back poetry of yours this morning. I miss you and your dailies. :( How are you feeling? I can't open your file alas with the novella. Can you send me a different version, or is it too much effort. I miss reading you, too.

Rachel Green said...

Will do :)

Thank you. I've been a bit rubbish with the dailies and haven't written one for three weeks or more. Still ill still... bleugh.