Sunday, 24 July 2016

poem 2016 / 069

Take On Me

My thoughts are hidden
among the swirls and leaves
of a mature cherry. Around me
a multitude in rainbow flags
and evening dresses, wigs askew
and sweating under a cloud
of prideful heat. A tannoy blares
and the crowd sings Abba but
I am separate but included,
the lure of a safe place with the earth
against my back. No hate here
but for the inevitable litter. Why?
I mull problems; a missing baby
cries for its mama too soon
and I smile at a woman,
rainbow make-up run under rain
or sweat, a palette of pigment
splayed across her cheeks.
I'm not hitting on her
but she assumes otherwise, turns away.

Image: Under the Wire 2016 oil on canvas board 89mm x 63mm  £35 inc. P&P


Stephanie Wright said...

I feel every moment of this. So lovely. <3

Rachel Green said...

Thank you :)

Awenic_Waterfall said...

this is beautiful :-)

Rachel Green said...

Thank you kindly :)