Monday, 25 July 2016

short forms 25th July 2016

can't remember
the sister she once had
twenty years of Da's denial.
wiped out.

© Rachel Green 2016

nasturtiam flower
a splash of red against the grass
head wound

© Rachel Green 2016

she wants
all the Star Trek movies
my kind of girl
I could spend quality time
with a Trekker lesbian

© Rachel Green 2016

Chesterfield Pride
in a fenced off area
of the local park

Sound system
leaves much to be desired
too loud / too quiet

Tranny with a voice to die for

© Rachel Green 2016

Nightmares. Repeated heart palpitations at 3AM.

© Rachel Green 2016


aims said...

Get these palpitations looked after. Hear me?

Btw - love Star Trek!

Beam us up Scotty!

Rachel Green said...

Me too. I'm looking forward to the new TV series.