Sunday, 9 April 2017

poetry 2017 / 050

Public Restroom

The usual panic
experienced by all non binary people.
Will I be ejected because I don't look right?
Because my voice is deep
or my biceps, strong enough to lift a car
are too masculine?
Do I threaten people with my queer politics,
my outspoken viewpoint,
my advocacy for gay, queers, blacks, muslims
(and, perversely, for christians
and pin-suited white men.)
This is the fear that transwomen feel,
and transmen,
and masculine-of-centre women
and feminine-of-centre men.
This is the fear felt by gay men
faced with homophobic staight folk,
by muslim women in white cities
by black men in white pubs.
“They prey on our children”
scream the daily rants
but the paedophiles and rapists;
the pushers of drugs and hate,
the agents of violence against strangers
are almost always straight white Christians
preaching hate in the name of their straight white god.

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