Wednesday, 26 July 2017

short forms 26th July 2017

her brother's life
ended quite suddenly.
The boy who killed him suicides
by train

© Rachel Green 2017

wet pavement
under my denim-clad knees
dried blood

© Rachel Green 2017

morning job
changing a tyre on the fabio
before breakfast
I wonder how many people under thirty
even know how to do this

© Rachel Green 2017

brief request
for some extra money
mat fees are due

anything to sell
plenty, but nothing
anyone will buy

just books and paintings

© Rachel Green 2017

falling from great heights. Her self-esteem.

© Rachel Green 2017


Olga/Maddie said...

I love the mug in the photo. :).

Hugs, lovies, and stuffs for you all. *HG*

Take care and bye, :)!

Rachel Green said...

Thank you :)